Think-Tank on Tobacco Harm Reduction 1st meeting

May 11, 2020

A virtual working meeting for the formation of a Scientific Think-Tank on Tobacco Harm Reduction will take place on May 19th, with the participation of scientists, clinicians and researchers, policy makers and educators, who will share views on how to promote Tobacco Harm Reduction research and strategies.

Participants will discuss in an open but structured discussion the principles & values of a Tobacco Harm Reduction Think-Tank, the type of activities e.g. the annual Summit, need for other events, research projects, funding opportunities, publications, policy papers, consensus panels etc. The content of a “position statement” of the Scientific Think-Tank will be initiated in the Pre-Summit to be completed during the 3rd Summit in September; the statement will be the basis for the creation of a scientific association with the mission to serve the emerging scientific area of Tobacco Harm Reduction, aiming to provide guidance to scientists and policy makers worldwide. The draft agenda of the 3rd Summit will also be presented and the possibility of the publication of the event’s works in a high-impact international journal.